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Effective Use of Emerging Tools & Technologies to Deliver Your Business Demands With High Quality.     


Coexistence Solutions by Integrating Legacy to Modern Tools & Technologies Including Development, implementation & IT Services  

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Software and Devices

Global Staffing

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Our journey has been awesome because of our team, customers and partners. Since 2018, we have been significantly impacting our customer's business resulting in 97% retention, continuously solving Business, Operational & Technical challenges. We create intellectual property (IP ) righted Business Apps. 

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With our leadership team , we invested our time & energy with our people and developed "Technology Solution Business" For 

Creating Own IP Righted Apps For Your Business
Result Oriented Processes & Tools
Growing Strategies For  Clients & Professionals
Collaborative Partnerships  For Mutual Growth
Ramadurai R
Managing Director & CEO
Jayant Jhanb
COO & Finance Controller 
Mrinali Lalita
Program Manager & Head PMO
Raju Chellaton
Principal Advisor

Our Journey

Since May 2019

Azosis Technologies

New Brand Name with Global expansion in UK & Australia with Indian HQ. Focused on Technology with consulting to complete delivery along collaborative approach with "Modern Work Environments" and More

Sep 2014 to Feb 2019

UYM Groups

UYM Group of Companies with US & India Presence focused on Information Technologies, Web Development, Digital Maketing & Staffing .

Apr 2010

Universal Young Minds

Partnership Firm With US client Base, Staffing Services and Learning Program 

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